Being Bold

When I began my professional career my aim was to blend in: a reasonable goal for a true introvert at heart. However, this year I have found myself with an unstoppable push to be bold. The force nudging me forward is one that I have been unable to deny. In fact, I believe this force has been here for decades in my lifetime building in the background. What we resist indeed does persist. In this episode of The HRart Rise Morning Show, we’re chatting about what it feels like to be bold as I share my journey to the official launch of The HRart Center.

See you on the LIVE side! 🙂


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On the Fence of Change

To change or not to change – that is the question.

Being a catalyst of change is an intentional daily decision. A decision that can only be affirmed and sustained when it’s backed by realistic expectations of ourselves. As the visionaries of change we can easily get lost in the magnitude of work that needs done. We confuse our mission for creating the ultimate resolution while massively diminishing the work needed to begin the movement necessary to initiate change. This is the work we are called to do, it is the nature of this work that keeps us walking the fence. We’re chatting about how to shift our perspective as a powerful change worker on this episode of The HRart Rise Morning Show.

See you on the LIVE side! 🙂


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To persist is to resist traveling down the path we know well. It is trusting as we steadily step into the unknown bit by bit.

“To die for an idea is the easiest way. To live for an idea day by day, year by year is the hardest.” – Janusz Korczak

We’re chatting about this and so much more, on this episode of The HRart Rise Morning Show.


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