Dear Jealous HRart Worker

Dear HRart Worker,  

Have you ever been jealous? I have. I spent most of my youth living in jealousy. Being especially envious of one of my closest childhood friends. She was beautiful on the outside and equally beautiful within. I would watch as anyone in her presence would be transformed and almost made better by merely having her close by. Her heart was the largest I had ever encountered and she naturally desired to share love with the world, especially those she found that needed it the most. Like a preteen mama hen, she would take them in and shower them with love that fed their soul and allowed them to blossom. She still does this, even as I watch from a distance as her posts spontaneously fill my social media feed.  

I recall vividly wanting to somehow hoard her friendship, make it that I was the only one worthy of her time. I even would literally growl at newcomers as they approached our circle at recess, in hopes to deter them but her luring energy was too powerful. I often grappled with doubts regarding our relationship and if I was nothing special, yet another needy soul that she had taken in. I knew though deep down that wasn’t true, she saw me as family and those bonds ran deep, the evidence shows in her continued presence in my life today. She served as a big sister that taught me many lessons while I was lost back then, many which I was unable to appreciate until now…two decades later.  

This morning I overheard a conversation insisting that unconditional love materializes as jealousy. Jealousy is a heavy emotion that indeed serves an energetic purpose. When we are a manifesting machine, jealousy has a tendency to make an appearance. What we desire often begins to appear right before materialization as others who have what we want. It’s similar to shopping for a car, as soon as you begin to consider a specific car, you notice it everywhere, it’s like the whole world has bought that car too.  

But jealousy that arises when we are wandering through life should be heeded. It signals misalignment, a veer from our Connected Path. Jealousy is a tool used by our ego (the voice of survival wisdom) triggering anger often fueled by fear, that our lack means we are not good enough. Jealousy lowers our vibration and prevents us from having the necessary faith to step into our being fully. This is what jealousy did for me as a girl. Instead of growing and connecting with my highest good, I shut down and took it to a dark place, believing I was not worthy of being seen or heard.  

I ask again – have you ever been jealous? The next time this emotion surfaces, do not dismiss it and permit it to produce more fear based thoughts. 

Acknowledge what it has to share about where you are in the present moment, then release it.

Is it possible to be a fangirl of an e-newsletter? I say yes, because I am. The Sunday morning that I first received Ann Handley’s fortnightly email newsletter I was unexpectedly captivated. The conversational tone of the entire email, made it feel like it was intended for only me. It made me look at my own newsletter with a bit of embarrassment. The lack of connection and purpose, not to mention overall lack of respect for those that openly invited me into their inbox. Needless to say, Ann’s email newsletter inspired a personal quest of discovery. For months now, I’ve been experimenting attempting in a goldilocks fashion to find the newsletter framework that was just right. My apologies to those subscribers that remained loyal and humored me through the monthly unfoldings. Then I received Ann’s newsletter on January 17, 2021 titled What I’ve Learned from 3 Years of Total Anarchy (the fabulous name of the infamous newsletter). 

The most important part of the newsletter is the letter, not the news.

There it was, written as plainly and simply as possible, but boy did it send waves through my soul. The newsletter isn’t about news and announcements, it’s a letter. A cherished letter to those who love and support my work. Those who give me the most incredible gift of all, their time and the space to do the work I love. The newsletter is not another marketing to do, it’s a way to sustain connection, something that we need more now than ever.  

So tonight, I commit to you, fortnightly letters from the HRart delivered every other Wednesday night from now on. Written by yours truly, strictly for you, a HR Practitioner with a focus on growth, connection and HR evolution. 

Would you like to be a part of this? I invite you to subscribe to these fortnightly newsletters called Letters from the HRart. See you soon!




Cover Photo by Max Kleinen

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