Paper vs. Online Evaluations

In the training world, this has the potential for a loaded debate. Now before I state my personal opinion, let’s clarify. The level evaluation I am referring to is “Level One” on the Kirkpatrick scale or also known as the infamous Smiley Sheet.

In my personal opinion, right now at this very moment, I am in favor of paper. Despite the undeniable benefits of being able to have electronic data for the purpose of analysis and also the environmental benefits of paper elimination. I have found that our adult learners as a majority are not ready to let go of paper yet.


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Hope is NOT a Strategy

Today I was facilitating one of my favorite programs. One of the activities includes having the participants work in small groups to create timelines demonstrating the impact leadership and staff mistakes can have if they are permitted to continue. The activity created two great “ah-ha” moments for myself and the leaders involved.


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