Trust Your Gut: It’s Your Intuitive Guidance

Feelings in a Professional World

When it comes to the world of business, logic is a must. We can’t make decisions strictly off of feelings, we need facts, data, and spreadsheets. But I guess my question to you is, why can’t we make decisions off of feelings? Sure, I get it, it’s massively uncomfortable. The amount of risk seems daunting because there isn’t logic to make the decision safe. However, if we go back through history, I am pretty sure the game changers in this world are game changers because they made a decision based off of a feeling.


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5 Ways to Respond to Stress with Yin

For most, work and stress go hand-in-hand. Stress itself is not bad, but stress in extreme doses on a consistent basis is when the problems begin. And since stress is commonly directly tied to our work, we compensate by taking care of ourselves less and tell ourselves to just push through resulting in a life set on the constant setting of survival mode.  A life that isn’t much fun to live.


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The Top Five Benefits of Coaching

Three years ago when I decided to start my consulting business, I realized that I would need someone else to help guide me in that process. That’s why I looked for a coach. You may find yourself in a major life transition and partnering with a coach will be a way to help you navigate that big change.

Here’s what I gained working with a coach.


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