We Heal Burnout with Energy

Learn to care for your energy and unlock the ability to be the best version of yourself in every aspect of life

Burnout can keep you trapped in survival mode for years. Left unchecked, it can lead to serious health complications, meanwhile stealing away the energy you need to be present for your family, friends and your work.

Let us be your guide...

Our unique approach integrates a fusion of Eastern and Western holistic modalities including Medical Qigong, Coaching, and two decades of HR-Expertise to help you heal your burnout.

Our Promises To You

  1. We welcome all beliefs and faiths as our work is not tied to religion.
  2. We meet you where you are and will modify our session approach to match your comfort level.
  3. We are here to support you after your session.
  4. We keep information safe and confidential (unless someone poses harm to themselves or others).