Energy is the Key to the
Workplace Revolution

We help you transform yourself and your organization from the inside out using our unique approach.

Our toolbox includes a fusion of holistic modalities, personalized coaching with decades of HR-Expertise, and potent leadership development programs that work to get to the heart of an overextended workforce.

The Fact is You and Your
Organization Need Energy to Grow

Book Your Energetic Assessment
Let’s discuss your own energy, your team’s, and how energy is shaping your organization. Your Workplace Energy Expert will create a personalized plan for you and your organization to move forward.
Care For Your Own Energy To Unlock Your Leadership Potential
As a leader, your health and transformation is key to the health and transformation of your workplace. Understanding, protecting, and cultivating your own innate energy is what makes your work as a leader absolutely game-changing and legacy-building.
Invest in Your Team’s Energy and Wellbeing
Key goals in the process of transforming your organization will be teaching your team to read energy, the energy which is so crucial to all of their client and coworker dynamics. We also provide Qigong exercise classes to help them build their resilience to stress and burnout, as well as working one-on-one strategically with key members of your leadership team.
  • Energetic Assessment
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions or Healing Energy Work Sessions
  • Unlimited access between sessions


Monthly Fee: $1250

Topic: Your Business Relationships Energized

Energy is one of the most basic concepts in physics, but also one of the hardest to define. What any physics textbook will tell you is that energy is the capacity to do work. What is possible if your team learns how to cultivate and harness this intangible asset? It is energetic dynamics that empower us to master the skill of influence. With it we are able to establish a greater understanding of others and ourselves. We are able to move beyond common communication barriers and focus on the work at hand. In this workshop, learn how to make the most of the energy around you.

Cost: $550

Work one-on-one with the HRart Center Team to infuse your organization with energy and to build an incredible place for your people to work.