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Our Innate Leader Program

Our Innate Leader Program is an innovative solution designed to revitalize leaders, heal lingering burnout, and unlock their core talents. Seamlessly blending personalized individual and team development with holistic energy work, this program ensures a transformative journey, cultivating a resurgence of energy and resilience while unlocking each leader's true potential.

A Wise Investment
for Organizational Success

Elevate leadership capabilities essential for steering your team and company toward unprecedented success. This program empowers leaders with invaluable insights and tools to not only navigate but thrive in the face of burnout challenges.

Investing in individual development is an investment in your organization’s stability. By fostering the growth of your leaders, you retain top talent, minimize turnover costs, and amplify overall team productivity, creating a positive ripple effect throughout the company.

Improved well-being isn’t just a feel-good concept; it directly impacts your bottom line. Anticipate reduced absenteeism, lower medical costs, and heightened engagement among your leadership team, contributing to a more profitable and sustainable organizational landscape.

Experience a profound transformation in your leaders’ confidence, clarity, and deeper self-connection in their roles. As they evolve through this program, their enhanced leadership qualities will have a lasting and positive impact on team dynamics and organizational success.

This strategic investment in energetic leadership is not just a program; it’s a blueprint for unlocking the full potential of your leaders and, consequently, your entire organization.

Tailored for Impact: Program Overview

Pre-Energetic Assessment and Initial Intake
This involves understanding the individual's holistic well-being, exploring their experiences both within and outside the workplace. We delve into the energetic dynamics, aiming to uncover imbalances that may be impacting their overall life. It's a crucial starting point to tailor our coaching approach and guide them towards a more balanced and harmonious state, professionally and personally.
4-Month Comprehensive Program
This next phase unfolds through (16) weekly 90-minute appointments. Each session is a personalized fusion of coaching, massage, and energy work. Our Energy Care Team works collaboratively to address specific areas of imbalance, combining traditional coaching techniques with the therapeutic touch of massage and the subtle energy adjustments.
Post-Energetic Assessment
This involves revisiting the individual's holistic well-being, examining the shifts and progress made during the program. We explore how the personalized fusion of coaching, massage, and energy work has influenced their overall balance.
Monthly Follow-Up Appointments
The final step extends our support for 6-months, these sessions serve as a touchpoint for ongoing growth and maintenance of the achieved balance. Additionally, participants receive a Monthly Qigong Class Pass, offering a space to continue their holistic development. This phase is a continuation of the transformative journey, ensuring lasting positive effects beyond the initial program.

Optimize Your Investment

Consider flexible payment options: $750 per month or $7500 for the whole year to initiate this transformative journey and unlock a spectrum of benefits.

Empower your leaders to reignite their potential and foster impactful leadership. Sponsor their journey to leadership excellence today!