Simplify, Seek and Surrender

Season 1: Episode 54

As I reflect on my Connected Canvas that was created with intention for my 2020 professional path, it brought forth three distinct themes of my year. This year whispered incessantly for me to simplify by engaging in a practice of less as well as engaging in the physical act of organization. This year called for me to seek and play with the possibilities in regard to my future, specifically surrounding the idea of me continuing my formal education. But most importantly, this year asked me to surrender and let go. It was this theme that generated some of the most beautiful moments of the year for me. Listen and find out more in this episode.


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HRart Chat #77: Gracefully into the Unknown

In this lesson, we will discuss entering the new year following our heart.

It is time to partake in a trust exercise with our intuition. Let’s enter the new year with little expectations but more so openness. Let’s enter the new year believing that we are guided rather than attempting to control and define our destined achievements.


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Glimpses of Affirmation

Season 1: Episode 53

The year of 2020 has been a bit unexpected, I’m sure that is an understatement. But, when I created my 2020 Connected Canvas due to some personal circumstances I truly had no sense of vision. It was fully driven by what my intuition wanted to share and my only hope was that it would give me glimpses of affirmation throughout the year. Affirmation that whatever my reality was, I would know it was intentional. Now looking back, I see a beautiful year filled with a opportunities that restored and liberated my human soul.


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HRart Chat #76: The Balance for Deep Bonds

In this lesson, we will acknowledge the healing power of love.

Love is given and often taken for granted. We come to expect that it will always be there, however if we do not find a balance between giving and taking it will inevitably lead to someone unable to continue giving us love. The years of devotion will have resulted in years of losing themselves. Now is a time to restore, remember and respect the love you’ve been receiving.


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It Makes My Heart Happy with Zoey Smeltzer

Season 1: Episode 52

I believe we should all aspire to pursue joy like a 6-year old, treasuring the smallest of moments that fill the year. Whether it is spending time with loved ones during the holidays or savoring every bite of your favorite sweet treat, Zoey shares that happiness is found in the simplest of moments. Enjoy this light hearted conversation as Zoey reflects on candy trees, marshmallow treats and pie.


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Lesson #75: Sweeping Away the Past

In this lesson, we will center our hearts by letting go of the past.

During this time when we are invited to turn inward, we are met with resistance due to the large amounts of suppressed grief. Grief not fully processed from loved ones that have come and gone, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If we can let go of this emotion and move forward, we have a true opportunity for transformation.


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