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The Grateful Showcase: Rebecca Hanlon

Season 1: Episode 11

This is the final Grateful Showcase before it evolves into a practice of gratitude for our community. Rebecca Hanlon is the President of Our York Media. Our York Media offers businesses and organizations of all sizes the opportunity to share their stories with a local audience that yearns to consume them. Rebecca and her organization have been instrumental in sharing Leadership Arts Associates with the community and helping us define our brand and voice. I am incredibly blessed to call Rebecca a friend. Truth be told, I had no idea the level of impact she would have on my life and business when we first connected. In this episode, join me as I thank her for all she does and take a moment to get to know this incredible person and organization a little bit more.


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The Snake and the Librarian: Qigong for the Lungs

Let’s be real. Times are a little scary. There is a lot of uncertainty. People are confused as messaging is getting distorted as we all take to social media with high emotions. But at the root of all of this chaos is a highly contagious virus that targets the respiratory system. This alarms me as someone with asthma, but also a five year only that struggles with her respiratory health on a regular basis. 


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My Normal During a Quarantine

At this point we are officially one week into our quarantine for my son and I, my husband still has to go into work. The nice thing is he and I seem to have found a very nice routine. I wouldn’t call it a schedule because I do not have specific times that we do things but we have certain things that we do each day.  We are up usually between 6-630 and that is Jackson’s doing not mine, I would not mind sleeping in a little bit. Then we have some breakfast and relax a little bit so that we can ease into our day. Then we start our school work, I do not do any more than 30 minutes of school work at a time with him. During this school work time he’s working on everything from his numbers, to his letters, to writing his name and knowing how to spell it (sometimes he does this dressed as a ninja or a knight!).  Next up is some free play or time to watch some TV, he gets to pick what he wants to do during this time. While he is having his free time I sit down and I do a little work, usually this is about an hour to an hour-and-a-half to plug through some stuff.  


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The Significance of Gratitude

Season 1: Episode 10

When I first started podcasting, my first five episodes ever were titled “The Grateful Showcase.” Each episode highlighted an online entrepreneur that I had come to admire and was actively following, I referred to them collectively as my Mental Advisory Board. This started an annual tradition and my annual gratitude practice. When I began this practice, I could have never imagined the significance it would play years later in my life. In this episode, I share with you the lesson that I have learned about the significance of gratitude. Our opportunities to express genuine gratitude should not be taken for granted. As you will hear, I learned the hard way that opportunities for gratitude are never guaranteed.


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Shenning Out

Season 1: Episode 9

Our Shen is our Spirit it is essential when we are navigating life to ensure we are connected. But if we aren’t careful it can peace out leaving us disconnected and with a desire to disassociate, this is when the Po takes over. In this episode, we’ll chat about the Shen and Po from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective and how it could possibly relate to the work we do on a daily basis as an HR Practitioner. Listen to find out why you should hit the pause button, discover your Shen and stay connected.


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Qi What? What is Qigong?

Season 1: Episode 8

Qi is energy. Energy is all around us and within us. Qigong is the practice of creating energetic harmony. In this episode, Samm defines Qi and Qigong at a high level. Providing an introduction of what it is, the objective behind the practice and how she believes it relates to her continued work around Employee Engagement.


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