What is HR?

“Human Resource Management is the term generally applied to those activities concerning the management of people.” 

This definition of HR was found in a textbook. A textbook that I highly recommend, if you are looking to obtain a solid foundation in HR. The book is Human Resource Management by Robert L. Mathis and John H. Jackson. At first, I was critical of this definition because of how vague it was, but then I realized the necessity for vagueness. Despite, how long Human Resources has been around as an industry and profession, we are still figuring out who exactly we are within the organizations we serve. 


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The Top Five Benefits of Coaching

Three years ago when I decided to start my consulting business, I realized that I would need someone else to help guide me in that process. That’s why I looked for a coach. You may find yourself in a major life transition and partnering with a coach will be a way to help you navigate that big change.

Here’s what I gained working with a coach.


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5 Signs Your Team Needs to Retreat

When I think of retreat two images come to mind. The first is of a campfire in the middle of nowhere roasting marshmallows and singing in unison. The second is a group of individuals participating in a series of trust exercises. Which in certain circumstances are appropriate but most of the time they are just uncomfortable. As an employee, I can tell you that both images would have been less than desirable to me. Yet routinely, this is where organizations gravitate towards when they are seeking a solution to boost morale and assist with culture change. 

Retreats certainly are a phenomenal tool and a worthwhile investment. If your reasons for deciding to facilitate a retreat are aligned with a goal that a retreat could actually accomplish. Here are the five reasons, I decided to facilitate the first-ever Leadership Arts Team Retreat. 


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Paper vs. Online Evaluations

In the training world, this has the potential for a loaded debate. Now before I state my personal opinion, let’s clarify. The level evaluation I am referring to is “Level One” on the Kirkpatrick scale or also known as the infamous Smiley Sheet.

In my personal opinion, right now at this very moment, I am in favor of paper. Despite the undeniable benefits of being able to have electronic data for the purpose of analysis and also the environmental benefits of paper elimination. I have found that our adult learners as a majority are not ready to let go of paper yet.


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Hope is NOT a Strategy

Today I was facilitating one of my favorite programs. One of the activities includes having the participants work in small groups to create timelines demonstrating the impact leadership and staff mistakes can have if they are permitted to continue. The activity created two great “ah-ha” moments for myself and the leaders involved.


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