Samm and the Giant Peach

In Chinese mythology peaches were eaten by the “eight immortals” during an extravagant banquet called the “Feast of the Peaches.” The divine Queen Mother of the West (Xi) would hold this feast every 6,000 years in honor of her birthday. The mortal Jade Emperor (Wu) co-hosted the banquet. Together they symbolize the divine and moral aspects of life coming together in oneness, which is infinite. 


For the last month, peaches have appeared in abundance. They literally have been everywhere, appearing on curtains, shower curtains, kitchen towels and even a picture above my bed in the Airbnb when I went away last weekend. The word has materialized as a sudden go to phrase for common conversation…

“You’re a peach.”

“It’s too peachy in here.”

Even the random question of,

“Why do Pennsylvanians love their peaches so much?” 

To be honest, I didn’t even know that was a thing.

To most, a peach is simply a peach but for me I knew this fruit was making its presence known to me as a sign. A sign of comfort and affirmation that despite the uncertainty that surrounds the current circumstances, it is all for a higher good. 

In January, our world changed here at Leadership Arts Associates, my best friend and business partner made a difficult but necessary decision. She would step back from the business, maintaining a part-time presence and return to the corporate world. As someone who was incredibly blessed to work every day for the last four years with her best friend by her side, I found myself naturally grieving the loss that came with this change. 

I also found myself at a crossroads in regards to the business, Leadership Arts Associates represented a brand we had built together. I knew I had no desire to attempt to replace my best friend knowing that venture would be pointless as it could never be conquered successfully, any future partners would inevitably function in her shadows. I also knew I had no desire to step in and attempt to lead or work in both spaces. It was these conclusions that meant only one thing, opening a new door, one that I would have to walk through alone. 

Leadership Arts Associates will always be home, it will always serve as the mothership brand. However, I feel called to devote my work and energy to the HR community that I love. To answer this call, I am now fully committing my time to the HRart Center. Allowing the HRart work to step forth into the spotlight and be the primary focus of all that I do. It is when I made this decision that the peaches began to appear. 

To me, these peaches represent a divine moment, one that happens once every 6,000 years. It is a moment when we are one with the intentions of the divine, or the true purpose as to why we were given the gift of the first breath as well as all those that follow before our last. 

To me, these peaches represent the infinite nature of the legacy I hope to leave behind as I passionately pursue my just cause. To create a working world where people are treasured and their humanity is celebrated.

I am afraid of the unknown, traveling into uncharted waters. My little row boat sometimes seems like no match for the waves that await me and my arms sometimes feel so tired they simply can’t continue. But then a peach appears, providing the gentle reminder to keep rowing because the journey to come will be so worth all the struggle. 

Where are the peaches in your life?





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Cover Photo by Allec Gomes 

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