Creating a Cultural Rhythm

Recently, I was captivated by a post by Dr. Sony and Shy on Instagram (@satyahealth). The post was encouraging Spring Cleaning in our Relationships utilizing a series of questions that they shared. In the short video post, they demonstrated the process by answering one of the questions as a couple. The question they selected was, how do we show up for each other? It was Sony’s response to this question that struck me.

He said,  “I think the way you show up for me is energetically. Understanding how I am vibing at the time and then sort of working around that…I think it is just realizing intuitively how I feel and being insync with that rhythm and because of that I get supported, and my lows are never too low and my highs are always within the context of sustainability and productivity – so I appreciate you.” 

Early on in my career, I realized that we can learn a lot from marriage. The work that is needed to sustain a relationship that is meant to last a lifetime is no joke. It is in this highly intimate relationship that I find individuals learn the most powerful life lessons that need to be shared. In this case, the lesson sheds almost direct light on the disengagement pandemic we are experiencing in the workplace.  

We need to show up for our people energetically and intuitively. It is this level of presence that allows us to be insync with our people and truly support them generating a cultural rhythm that echoes value and appreciation naturally. 

Energy and intuition are a part of all of us, it is the root behavior that generates our need as humans for connection. The expectation that we sever this part of ourselves in the workplace because it is not professional or too intangible has caused the great imbalance currently being experienced by individuals in regards to their work. Those who have found satisfaction in their work are often led or work with individuals who embrace their intuitive nature. 

 This letter is my personal invitation to you. Step into your HRart work fully by embracing your intuitive nature and begin to recognize the energies of your workspace. Know that the energies are critical to navigating any organizational people-driven strategies successfully. 

I dream of a day when we talk openly about our cultures as what they actually are, a collective energy at play that is impacted by every individual that comes in contact with the organization. 


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Cover Photo by Jared Schwitzke

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