Lesson #75: Sweeping Away the Past

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In this lesson, we will center our hearts by letting go of the past.

During this time when we are invited to turn inward, we are met with resistance due to the large amounts of suppressed grief. Grief not fully processed from loved ones that have come and gone, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If we can let go of this emotion and move forward, we have a true opportunity for transformation.

Our LIVE Class Session:

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You are watching The HRart Rise Morning Show, which broadcasts live every Friday morning at 8 AM EST. Close out your week with host, Samm Smeltzer, as she reflects on the past week and all it offered us to further our evolution of being connected. 

Samm is an HR Intuitive and Healer who works with professionals that have HRart. A HRart professional is passionate about their people driven work. They recognize that their personal development and acts of self-care directly impacts how they can be of service. 

Begin your Friday, centered on what moves you forward on your Connected Path, strengthening your HRart by rising its vibration.

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