Gracefully into the Unknown

In this lesson, we will discuss entering the new year following our heart.

It is time to partake in a trust exercise with our intuition. Let’s enter the new year with little expectations but more so openness. Let’s enter the new year believing that we are guided rather than attempting to control and define our destined achievements.


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The Balance for Deep Bonds

In this lesson, we will acknowledge the healing power of love.

Love is given and often taken for granted. We come to expect that it will always be there, however if we do not find a balance between giving and taking it will inevitably lead to someone unable to continue giving us love. The years of devotion will have resulted in years of losing themselves. Now is a time to restore, remember and respect the love you’ve been receiving.


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Sweeping Away the Past

In this lesson, we will center our hearts by letting go of the past.

During this time when we are invited to turn inward, we are met with resistance due to the large amounts of suppressed grief. Grief not fully processed from loved ones that have come and gone, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If we can let go of this emotion and move forward, we have a true opportunity for transformation.


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Honest and Impartial Advice

In this lesson, we will give gratitude for those who have high expectations and push us. 

It is these people who are fearless when it comes to telling it like it is. They challenge our thoughts and perspective, exposing any doubts we possess in ourselves. They remind us that our emotions are powerful often blinding us from the clarity that we seek. 


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Keepers of Sacred Knowledge

In this lesson, we will give gratitude for those who share knowledge from a higher vibration. Those who provide insight and wisdom that inspires our resiliency. 

These are the people who have chosen to awaken and because of that choice have made it possible for us to do the same. These individuals require our trust, the trust that they know what we will one day understand.


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Full of Potential and Personal Power

In this lesson, we will give gratitude for those who create possibility. Those who help us to shed our fears and truly embrace our full potential and personal power. 

It is these people who move us toward infinite possibility as we step into our true essence. We are not meant to move towards greatness alone and therefore it is important to take a moment and recognize those that surround us in love, empowering us to do more.


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Be Open-Minded

In this lesson, do you have an approach to life that is tried and true? What if I asked you to consider a new approach?

As you elevate your energy and increase your awareness, your internal vibration changes completely. This impacts how you ultimately see the world. It’s time to take moment and see how your perspective has possibly expanded.


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