Trust Your Gut: It’s Your Intuitive Guidance

Feelings in a Professional World

When it comes to the world of business, logic is a must. We can’t make decisions strictly off of feelings, we need facts, data, and spreadsheets. But I guess my question to you is, why can’t we make decisions off of feelings? Sure, I get it, it’s massively uncomfortable. The amount of risk seems daunting because there isn’t logic to make the decision safe. However, if we go back through history, I am pretty sure the game changers in this world are game changers because they made a decision based off of a feeling.

Despite this, we are trained in our professional lives to present things logically, to make sound decisions that are logical. While learning this, we have slowly lost touch with the feeling. Feelings are a skill too. Feelings are a direct tie to energy and everything has energy. To add to that, everything’s energy is interacting with each other as they come in contact. This unavoidable mingling is what causes feelings of love, admiration, dislike, disgust, and frustration. Feelings and energy create our team dynamics and organizational cultures. So ignoring them seems illogical to me.

Showing the Good to the World

Today I was watching an episode of America’s Got Talent and one of the judges, Julianne Hough made a statement about Millenials. She said that she feels that the Millennial Generation is about showing the good to the world, the good in the world and the good within themselves. I found this fascinating since the Millennial Generation has sparked quite a debate regarding their intentions and work ethic. But, I have to say I agree with Julianne.  I believe that this generation is about good and once you reconnect with your energy and the energy around you, you will be amazed at the good that is present. The good that you underestimated and the good that is waiting to be tapped by your guidance and mentorship.

See it is these gut feelings, the awareness of energy, that allow us to see the potential in others and organizations – even when they can’t see it themselves.

What Does Your Intuition Feel Like?

Well, to get a taste, try this simple exercise:

  1. Think about an emotionally charged moment, preferably happy, but sad will work too.
  2. Think about the moment in great detail, almost as though you are reliving it.
  3. Then direct your awareness to your body, scanning your body to find where the feeling associated with that moment is living. Commonly, it is found in the chest, heart, stomach, and even throat.
  4. When you find a place in your body where it is living, compress the energy there almost as though it is a ball. Hold it there and feel.

This is a taste of the powerful feelings you encounter regularly which can be used for guidance.

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Cover Photo by Austin Chan

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