The Top Five Benefits of Coaching

Three years ago when I decided to start my consulting business, I realized that I would need someone else to help guide me in that process. That’s why I looked for a coach. You may find yourself in a major life transition and partnering with a coach will be a way to help you navigate that big change.

Here’s what I gained working with a coach.

Personal Learning and Development

Working with a coach gave me permission to invest in my learning and development. Since I was transitioning from working as a teacher to starting my own consulting business, I decided to work with a business and leadership coach who would help me channel my passion and expertise into a viable business.

Gain a Clearer Sense of Purpose

My coach guided me through a series of reflective exercises to discover what I value, who I want to serve and my strengths so that I became more clear about my greater purpose.

Question Assumptions and Perspectives

I only know what I know so working with a coach helped me question assumptions and perspectives. I’m able to talk with my coach and share with him I have about consulting and he offers other knowledge that helps shift my perspective and challenge my assumptions.  

Strategize practices and Techniques That Support Reaching Your Goal

My coaching journey has been going into its third year. My coach offers me new habits to practice and new techniques to execute that make me reach the new goal I’m aiming to achieve.

Stay Accountable to Action Steps

My coach serves as a bridge the gap between where I am now and where I want to be by keeping me accountable to my action steps.

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Guest Author: Tony Hernandez

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