Full of Potential and Personal Power

In this lesson, we will give gratitude for those who create possibility. Those who help us to shed our fears and truly embrace our full potential and personal power. 

It is these people who move us toward infinite possibility as we step into our true essence. We are not meant to move towards greatness alone and therefore it is important to take a moment and recognize those that surround us in love, empowering us to do more.

Our LIVE Class Session:

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You are watching The HRart Rise Morning Show (previously HRII) replay, which broadcasts live every Friday morning at 8 AM EST. Close out your week with host, Samm Smeltzer, as she reflects on the past week and all it offered us to further our evolution of being connected. 

Samm is an HR Intuitive and Healer who works with professionals that have HRart. A HRart professional is passionate about their people driven work. They recognize that their personal development and acts of self-care directly impacts how they can be of service. 

Begin your Friday, centered on what moves you forward on your Connected Path, strengthening your HRart by rising its vibration.

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