Qigong for the Lungs: The Snake and the Librarian

Let’s be real. Times are a little scary. There is a lot of uncertainty. People are confused as messaging is getting distorted as we all take to social media with high emotions. But at the root of all of this chaos is a highly contagious virus that targets the respiratory system. This alarms me as someone with asthma, but also a five year only that struggles with her respiratory health on a regular basis. 

There’s not a lot we can control right now but we are being responsible, practicing proper social distancing and personal hygiene. In addition to these practices, I also have been engaging in Qigong exercises that focus on the lungs. The exercises purge out any junk that may be resting on the lungs and then invite new energy to tonify and make them stronger. 

These particular Qigong exercises utilize the art of Healing Sounds, that when initially done feel silly. However, they are highly effective sending powerful vibrations into the body massaging the organ that is targeted. For the lungs, there are two sounds used. The first sound works the outer part of the lungs and the second sound works the inner part of the lungs.

It should be no surprise that I used these sounds with my girls and to engage them, I playfully refer to the two sounds as the Snake and the Librarian. So get ready to Sssssss like a Snake and then Shhhhhhh like a Librarian. 

This video below will guide you through a 10-minute Qigong workout to purge and tonify the lungs using breathing, acupressure, tapping and healing sounds. Stay safe and healthy!

Cover Photo by Madison Lavern


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