5 Ways to Respond to Stress with Yin

For most, work and stress go hand-in-hand. Stress itself is not bad, but stress in extreme doses on a consistent basis is when the problems begin. And since stress is commonly directly tied to our work, we compensate by taking care of ourselves less and tell ourselves to just push through resulting in a life set on the constant setting of survival mode.  A life that isn’t much fun to live.


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The Top Five Benefits of Coaching

Three years ago when I decided to start my consulting business, I realized that I would need someone else to help guide me in that process. That’s why I looked for a coach. You may find yourself in a major life transition and partnering with a coach will be a way to help you navigate that big change.

Here’s what I gained working with a coach.


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Three Vision Fest Takeaways

This past weekend was Vision Fest 2019. For four years now, we have been coming together to create Vision Boards with new found clarity about our year to come. It is hands down my favorite event that we host at Leadership Arts.

As with all of our programming, I am always constantly re-evaluating to ensure that we deliver the absolute best! As a result, Vision Fest has had quite an evolution and after experiencing this year’s Vision Fest I had a few takeaways that I would like to implement for next year.


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2018 Year in Review

2018 seemed to just wiz by. Before I knew it, it was over. Yesterday I partook in an annual ritual of reflection, to pay respect to all that manifested this past year. As I journeyed back to January, I was overwhelmingly humbled by how amazing 2018 truly was.

Instagram has a #tradition of reviewing the year by sharing nine images. Curating my nine images served as the starting point to my reflective practice and despite the fact that I did manage to select nine images, I came to the realization that there were many more moments that deserved acknowledgment.


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