Devoted to Corporate Wellness and Growth, the HRart Center serves both HR practitioners and other people-centered professionals.

The HRart Center

Built on an HR foundation, the HRart Center is obsessed with solving the dilemma of employee disengagement. We’ve come to the conclusion that in order to solve disengagement, we need to heal individuals, establish a new definition of work-life balance and embrace the magic of each of our own innate abilities.

Like no other corporate growth center, we offer holistic healing therapies including Healing Qigong Treatments as well as Qigong & Yin Yoga Fusion Classes to restore individuals energetically. Qigong and Yin Yoga are incredible self care practices that have the power to wash away burnout, ease stress, maintain health, heal the body, calm the mind, and develop your intuitive skill set. We believe that it’s this aspect of physical, mental and spiritual health that is missing in the modern day workplace.

To further support and cultivate people-driven leaders in the workplace, we offer executive coaching, an extensive leadership education tract, a vast archive of free online resources, and an exclusive online community for our alumni. 

Join us and become part of the workplace revolution!

Frequently Asked Questions

The healing and growth of people matter.

To create clarity so that HR practitioners are empowered.

Though we do have a special place for Human Resources and offer practitioners specialty support, a HRart Worker is any people-driven professional. You are a HRart Worker if you believe the most important aspect of business and life is people.

We are located at 1018 N. George St. just north of downtown York, PA.

Absolutely! Our team is full of experts at developing and delivering incredible virtual programming. We lead virtual programs, coaching sessions and healing qigong treatments. If you don’t see a virtual version listed under a service you’re interested in, reach out and ask! Chances are we can make it happen.

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