Three Reasons Busy Professionals Should Consider Qigong

As an HR Practitioner obsessed with the dilemma surrounding the disengagement of workforces within organizations, I have been on a quest to find answers. It was on this quest that I discovered Qigong (pronounced chee-gong). See this quest began from a practical professional place but what I quickly found was that it was an extremely personal journey. My obsession with disengagement came from a place of desperation. I wanted to know the answers in hopes to avoid my own personal disengagement. I had begun establishing a track record of personally disengaging from workplaces and now that I was out on my own. I had no employer to blame for my unhappiness or level of satisfaction, that blame could only go one place on me.

I’ve come to the conclusion that solving disengagement, is more about healing individuals, establishing a new definition of work-life balance and embracing the magic. But before I lose you, this post is not going to dive into that heavy topic. I’d like to first introduce you to Qigong from a practical professional place just like how I began this whole journey.


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5 Signs Your Team Needs to Retreat

When I think of retreat two images come to mind. The first is of a campfire in the middle of nowhere roasting marshmallows and singing in unison. The second is a group of individuals participating in a series of trust exercises. Which in certain circumstances are appropriate but most of the time they are just uncomfortable. As an employee, I can tell you that both images would have been less than desirable to me. Yet routinely, this is where organizations gravitate towards when they are seeking a solution to boost morale and assist with culture change. 

Retreats certainly are a phenomenal tool and a worthwhile investment. If your reasons for deciding to facilitate a retreat are aligned with a goal that a retreat could actually accomplish. Here are the five reasons, I decided to facilitate the first-ever Leadership Arts Team Retreat. 


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