Winter and the Sides We Hide

Dear HRart Worker,

As we prepare to enter a new year, we are often enticed by the concept of a fresh start. Ready to charge right into January 1st, we use energy that is not yet there. If we look at ourselves as part of the collective of nature, if we listen to the natural rhythms that surround us, we would recognize that although the year transitions the season does not. 
As I have mentioned in previous letters, Winter brings a time of deep reflection, the necessary reflection we need to make the most of the year to come. It is the time where we are called to contemplate what’s to come rather than jump to action. Action is reserved for Spring. I know this small paragraph won’t derail the trend of charging into the new year, however I hope it empowers you to give yourself grace when you find yourself naturally resisting what you try to pursue before the awakening of Spring. 
My comments on Winter and natural rhythms are simply a side note for what I truly want to share with you today. Recently I had my eyes opened to yet another aspect of how our wellness is connected to our entire being. It also illustrates beautifully how this time of reflection often aids in shining light on the true root to our healing path. 
In my book The HR Intuitive, I openly shared my story of energetic sensitivities I suppressed as a child. In fact, the entire book is capturing 33 ways that I have begun awakening them once again. At the time when I was writing the book, I fully understood that I had worked hard to drastically minimize my sensitivities, but what I had yet to discover was exactly how I had accomplished this. 
When I was working with a new teacher, she intuitively informed me that I had placed blocks on my kidneys and liver. These blocks were dense stagnations of energy. My whole intention behind targeting the kidneys and liver was to quiet what Chinese Medicine calls the “Organ Spirits.” The Organ Spirits that live in the kidneys and liver are what many of us know as clairaudience (kidneys) and clairvoyance (liver). 
As I began my healing journey, it was my clairvoyant abilities that began to return first. I had assumed that this was my most dominant intuitive skill, but as I reflected back to my childhood when I first experienced my heightened sensitivities, I returned to a time when I was unable to quiet the loud voices that chattered incessantly. This occurred early on in elementary school when my only solution to handle the overwhelm was to burst into tears. 
Tears are the body’s natural release. There should never be a time that we don’t embrace “eye sweat”, as my friend Tony Hernandez calls it. Nevertheless, as a child, crying in front of your peers unexpectedly was seen as weakness and often resulted in ridicule. 
I have had several teachers tell me that clairaudience is my strongest intuitive skill set and I always thought they were wrong. I now see that my physical health and struggles with my kidneys and surrounding areas could be rooted by the presence of a massive energetic stagnation. What I never considered was that this was a stagnation that I put there nearly three decades ago. 
Our wellness is not isolated to what we eat and how much we exercise; it is rooted in the acceptance of who we are completely. It is the act of attempting to suppress or hide aspects of ourselves that generate these toxic weeds in our system. 
This letter is not designed to inspire a new year detox, but once again act as my invitation for you to turn inward for guidance of what is truly needed for you to move forward. 
Leave the detoxing for Spring and Happy New Year!


Samm (she, her, hers)

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Cover Photo by Pascal Debrunner

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