The HR Intuitive: 33 Lessons to Awaken Your Inner Guide

It begins here,

with your ability to connect innately

to your people and to yourself.

An intuitive operates in the realm of things often not seen or recognized, due to a lack of sensitivity to the surroundings.  This skill set is not magical and is one that everyone possesses. Unfortunately it is often underdeveloped or subconsciously blocked.  An HR Intuitive utilizes these skills to craft organizational strategies centered on people.

This book contains 33 lessons to awaken your intuitive skill set. These lessons will allow you to hear once again, a voice that has long been suppressed, forgotten or ignored. It is this voice that awakens the healing arts of HR, where we actively engage in restoring individuals to their true intention and make possible a level of greatness not yet experienced within our organizations.

  • While reading each lesson, Samm will spark your curiosity; curiosity to know more, to learn how the topic relates to others, or to try it. She dials up the vulnerability leaving you feeling connected to her, and appreciative of what she is trying to help you uncover as you awaken your inner guide. I already have multiple lessons bookmarked to refer back to after I intentionally try to do some things or approach some things differently.

    Ashley Ingram

  • Recognizing that transformational messages and sound bites were like skipping stones across the surface of the water, Samm Smeltzer invited us to take a deep dive into her own change by writing her first book, “Heart to HRart”. This self-change process is truly a restoration of our essential selves, a clearing away of all our accumulated masks and cover stories and ego-protective mechanisms, and there is simply no single, one-size-fits-all method for embarking on such a journey. With “The HR Intuitive”, this gifted change-agent gives us 33 lessons, 33 different places from which to begin or continue the work that will lead us to our best selves, knowing that one or more of them will help us step onto and along our own path. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone wanting to rediscover their own gifts and use them for good.

    Lyle Wilson, ND, Dipl. Ac. (AACA), MQP

  • In this latest book, Samm Smeltzer guides the reader through a journey of personal awakening using the raw honesty of her own story. She gifts thirty-three lessons of practical and spiritual wisdom that will help any HR professional towards becoming more empathetic, intuitive and understanding. This book is a must read for anyone looking for a new and different path.

    Adam Primi

  • The HR Intuitive by Samm Smeltzer is a breakthrough for all those in the workplace. People around the world are waking up to the reality that the world is much more than just a physical reality. Samm offers the reader a comprehensive HR perspective from a physical, energetic, intuitive and spiritual perspective. I believe her book will revolutionize the world of Human Resources as we know it.

    Ted O'Brien, East Coast Institute of Medical Qigong

Is this book only for HR People?

In the very first episode of The HRart Worker Book Club Podcast, Samm shares her personal writing journey for her book, The HR Intuitive. She chats about the writing process, the inspiration and purpose behind the book, as well as tackles the question she gets all the time: is this book only for HR people? Then, enjoy a special book reading of one of Samm’s favorite lessons.

Relive the Launch

On Thursday, January 14, 2021, Samm held a Virtual Book Launch to officially celebrate the release of her book, The HR Intuitive. She was joined by Special Guests throughout the event.

Replay Bookmarks: 0:00 An Opening Zumba Energizer with Patti Krigbaum, Samm’s Mother and Certified Zumba Instructor // 14:48 Official Welcome and Opening Remarks with Dave Chiaverini, Event Emcee and the literal voice of “The HR Intuitive” // 25:46 An Introduction to Medical Qigong Keynote with Ted O’Brien, Samm’s Medical Qigong Teacher and Licensed Acupuncturist // 44:47 A Q&A Session with Samm, Facilitated by Ashley Ingram // 1:13:57 A Book Reading by Dave Chiaverini