HR Coaching

In simplest terms, HR (Human Resources) is responsible for managing the employee life cycle. However, when a HR practitioner becomes a strategic partner to an organization they are proactively navigating challenges while carrying out their primary activities to maximize employee contributions and that organization’s overall competitive advantage.

HR Executive Coaching

Our Executive HR Coaching services are meant for the individual that desires to be a true strategic partner for their organization. They recognize that the HR function as a whole must present in order to create a thriving workforce. This includes work design, workforce planning, managing employee competencies and managing employee attitudes and behaviors. This task can easily be overwhelming for a new HR leader or an HR Department of One that’s organization is experiencing growth or massive change. Our services provide you the opportunity to maintain a strategic focus while also sustaining momentum through ongoing action. We are here to be by your side supporting you, pushing you and guiding you to achieve your vision.

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HR Coaching Outcomes & Goals

The outcomes for a coaching relationship are always catered to each client’s specific needs, these are three general common goals.

Limit the Organization’s Risk

Fines for organizational negligence on HR compliance issues can vary from $234 to $2442 per violation. It is important to evaluate current organizational practices and systems to identify areas of risk and liability. We will walk you through how to identify risk and protect the organization. We will guide and support you to establish necessary practices and procedures.

Cultivate a HR Mindset.

The world of HR can be overwhelming, the HR business function is responsible for recruitment, employee/labor relations, compensation, benefits, training, and workplace safety. We will coach you to begin thinking like an HR professional and aid you in finding your balance to oversee all the necessary HR functions as a department of one.

Create a HR Strategy

By the end of our time together, you will have developed HR strategies that support the organization’s strategic plan. This will include plans for recruitment, retention and sustaining engagement to maximize the organization’s bottom line. Studies have found that bad hires on average cost organizations $25,000 or more, hires that could be avoided when HR is part of the strategic planning process.

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HR Entrepreneurial Coaching

Exiting the corporate world and stepping out on your own requires us to approach our work a bit differently. No longer are we masters of the art of simply making ourselves available, now we must seek and find who needs us. HR consultants are without a doubt absolutely needed in this world, there are still too many companies operating without any consideration to strategically managing and leading their people. This means they are wasting money, while also putting themselves at huge risk that only magnifies as they continue to grow.

Our HR Entrepreneurial Coaching services allows us to guide you through the initial stages of being a business owner. This includes developing your service and pricing model, identifying your ideal customer or niche, articulating your cause for why your business exists and how you hope to change the world.