My Medical Qigong Go-To’s

In two weeks, I’ll be doing my first talk of 2020 on Medical Qigong. I love being able to share this incredible self healing practice. The question I am most frequently asked after these talks is for follow-up resources. People attempt to google key terms from our discussion and end up overwhelmed by the large amounts of information with no real way to truly filter and find what they are seeking. Therefore, I wanted to take a moment and share my personal go-to’s when it comes to resources for Medical Qigong. I hope this list is beneficial and serves in your healing journey. 

The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine: Volume 1-5 by Jerry Alan Johnson

These books serve as the textbooks for my Medical Qigong certification program and are a wealth of information. I find myself constantly referencing them as well as rereading them in their entirety. Each time I pick up any of these volumes, I gain even more clarity around these ancient teachings and how to apply them to my own work. 

Medical Qigong 101

This YouTube channel is filled with videos created by my teacher, Ted O’Brien. As a follow-up to any of my talks or classes, I recommend checking out the videos Medical Qigong Healing Workout as well as Six Healing Sounds.

Alchemical Courtyard

This YouTube channel provides great workout videos that continue the work, we begin in my classes or talks. I recommend the videos, Hun Yuan Qigong Set and Daoist Five Yin Qigong Set.

If you haven’t attended one of my Intro to Medical Qigong talks, I’d love to see you at the next one.


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