Do You Have a Heavy Holiday Heart?

Picture of a person holding a heart shaped snow

This season can be confusing, it is a time that is said to be filled with cheer with promises of being surrounded by love. The reality for some, they feel alone. They might find themselves in a state of true despair. I was moved by the gentle reminders that filled my social media feed this holiday season urging others to be aware that some may feel alone and disconnected during this joyful time.

For those that feel disconnected from what the season expects of us culturally. I want to assure you that you are truly innately connected. The true intention of this season upon us is deep reflection. Winter calls us to draw inward to do much-needed healing so that we will be prepared for what is to come in the Spring. The Holidays fall during this time of reflection and therefore, while you celebrate make sure you gift yourself to love, compassion, and grace. Expect during this time that deep-rooted emotions of the heart will arise asking to be recognized and released. Expect these releases to at times cause sadness and grief that then need to be recognized and released as well. It is when we recognize these emotions but fail to release them that despair can become overpowering. In these overwhelming circumstances, I strongly urge you to reach out for support, click here.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the element associated with winter is water. Water is associated with the yin organ of the kidneys. The kidneys are directly tied to our energy levels. For most, we spend our days with our kidneys functioning energy deficient. Which is why we feel the need to “veg out” and commonly have no energy to do the things we know we should, or desire to do but are simply too tired to do. Layering holiday expectations on top of normal routines and you could experience severe energy deficiency.  A wave of exhaustion that hits the moment the demand on you is over.

For me, it happened Christmas Day. I had just enough energy to get out of bed, watch my girls open their gifts and then return to bed where I spent half the day. The night before as we finished last-minute preparations it took all I had to physically make it happen.

Although, I must admit, that I subconsciously welcome the heavy demands of the season for a distraction. Inside, things begin to stir, my intuition whispers for me to look inward and recognize what my heart wants to share. The releases from my heart are never easy to accept during this season. It is an intense healing work that rises to the surface. This year, I consider it a blessing that I had my Qigong practice to turn to.

Qigong is a beautiful practice; its slow meditative movements are powerful. They allow us to release deep-rooted emotions and move forward. They allow us to release the past and fear of the future. Qigong empowers an internal evolution so that we may get one step closer to our dreams.

Today, I want to share a gift with you. In the video, I have included my Qigong routine that I have used to heal through this holiday season. The practice focuses on the Heart and Lungs. The Heart that holds the deep emotions present as a result of past violations of our soul. The Lungs that hold unprocessed grief and sadness, that often accompany matters of the heart, as we struggle with acceptance of things we cannot change.

The routine is 15 minutes and is meant to provide a brief overview of the movements. Let this video be strictly a guide to instruction, once you become familiar with the movements, focus on feeling the energy and let your intuition guide your practice.  

Finally, if you are feeling an innate call to reflect inward. I want to personally invite you to our HRart Center Launch next Sunday. Come from 1-7PM for a day of restoration and reflection. Click here to learn more. This event is being offered at no cost, in hopes that it will serve those who are called.

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