What Fills Your Cup?

Dear HRart Worker,

What fills my cup? What fills your cup?

In this week’s revisited episode of The HRart Rise Morning Show (below), I share that my initial intention behind beginning the weekly live streams was to share what fills my cup. I shared every week, in hopes to inspire you to discover what fills yours. As usual this reminder comes at the perfect time, as I find myself reflecting on what no longer serves me. Recently, I shared a post in my instagram stories from @higherperspective that said, 

“Love yourself.
Get rid of the things that no longer serve you.
Leave places that no longer make you happy.
Detach yourself from people that no longer respect you.
It’s that simple.”

Despite the obvious simplicity of these actions, we know it takes a lot more willpower than a casual stroll to let go of things, places and people that classify under any one of these statements. However, lately I have found myself being continually called to let go. This is not the first time I have had this calling. In fact, back in 2019 I wrote a blog post called “A Door Closes” that was received by so many that said the message resonated strongly with them, which leaves me to believe that we are all in this boat together. As we continue to grow, it is inevitable that things, places and people will no longer serve you. 

From my personal experience, when I get these nudges I am being asked to release something that is never simple; it is always complex and frankly scary. But what we need to remember is if we decide to cling to these things, holding on tightly, refusing to let go, we are choosing to remain stagnant. We are bringing our growth journey to a sudden halt and all that we have been working towards now suddenly has no place to manifest. 

That’s right, this releasing ritual allows for the space to exist for our next best thing. So regardless of how scary the release is, trust in knowing that your next best thing is right around the corner.

You can also find the video lesson here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g09gWYJ3JZ4

So what fills your cup? Are you also being called to let go of something? 


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Cover photo by L.D.I.A.

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