Phil Strazzulla on the HRart of It Podcast

Technology for the HR Department of One

Season 3: Episode 2

Technology — we absolutely rely on it but sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by it. In this podcast episode, Samm chats with Phil Strazzulla, an HR technology expert, all about how to approach integrating technology into our organizations and lives while actually enhancing the humanity in our processes.

HR Technology has become the go-to solution for many HR Departments of One. It makes sense to look to software to serve as a form of delegation to improve overall efficiency. However, when we invite new technology into our organizations, it will impact the balance of energy. Our hope is that it preserves it, but we also have discovered that some of the side effects of increased use of technology actually rapidly deplete our energy and negatively impact overall wellness. So what is that balance?

Phil helps us to get strategic about the process of integrating new systems and inspires us to use HR technology to enhance the experience our employees, customers and job candidates have with our organizations.

About the Guest

Phil Strazzulla

Phil is the founder of SelectSoftware Reviews, a website dedicated to helping HR teams to find and buy the right software for their organizations. SSR offers in depth, free content and a vibrant community of HR experts to companies all around the world who need help selecting everything from their next ATS to People Analytics. Phil started his career in venture capital at Bessemer Venture Partners before getting his MBA at Harvard Business School. He’s a self taught programmer, struggling golfer, and overall business nerd.

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