The Top Episodes of 2022 podcast episode

Top 5 Episodes of 2022

With David Chiaverini and Samm Smeltzer

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We are wrapping up the end of Season 3 here on the HRart of It podcast! Can you believe it? For this final episode of the season, we are taking a look back at the top 5 most listened-to episodes of the entire year. Listen along as Samm and Dave share highlights and key lessons from some of our most inspiring conversations on the podcast. 

After listening to this episode, head to the show notes down below to find links to each of the full length episodes featured in this list. Thanks for a great 2022, and we’ll see you next year after a short break!

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Show Notes

#1 Spiritual Intelligence and the Ego with Amy Lynn Durham

Samm has Spiritual Intelligence expert Amy Lynn Durham back on the HRart of It Podcast, and this time they are talking about the Ego’s role in our growth. Let’s unpack this ongoing balance between our Ego and our Higher Selves, a balance we strive for inside and outside of our workplaces.

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Leadership and Lightworkers with JJ DiGeronimo podcast episode

#2 Leadership and Lightworkers with JJ DiGeronimo

On this episode of the HRart of It Podcast, Samm interviews fellow Healer and leader in business JJ DiGeronimo. They chat about the energetic component to the working world and how things are shifting, as well as the journey energy-sensitive professionals must take to stop dissociating and to become grounded in their purpose.

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Phil Strazzulla on the HRart of It Podcast

#3 Technology for the HR Department of One with Phil Strazzulla

Technology — we absolutely rely on it but sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by it. In this podcast episode, Samm chats with Phil Strazzulla, an HR technology expert, all about how to approach integrating technology into our organizations and lives while actually enhancing the humanity in our processes.

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#4 An Unexpected Pathway to Purpose with David Chiaverini

 This healing modality and workplace holistic wellness stuff – what’s in it for a Business Insurance Executive? Dave shares the story of how he found himself at the heart of this healing work and his insight into this new purpose.

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#5 Find Something to Care for Your Energetic Body with Steph Holmes

The HRart Center’s Director of Strategy and Business Operations joins Samm and Dave to share her journey in which rethinking her career path created the opportunity for deep healing with Medical Qigong Therapy. Steph’s curiosity with this expanding definition of wellness led her to rethink her priorities, focus on caring for her energy and make the leap to a completely new career.

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About the Hosts

David Chiaverini

David is a Business Insurance Executive for McConkey Insurance & Benefits. He is a strong advocate for his clients, leveraging insurance company relationships made during his 30+ year career. He holds both the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) and Accredited Adviser in Insurance (AAI) designations.

Originally from Wilmington, DE, David now lives in York with his wife Anna Maria. He stays active in the community, volunteering his time for a variety of organizations and causes. When he’s not working David spends time as an audiobook narrator.

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Samm Smeltzer

Samm is an HR Visionary and Medical Qigong Healer. In November 2021, she earned her Masters certification in Medical Qigong with Ted O’Brien at the East Coast Institute of Medical Qigong. As an HR Visionary, her decade-long pursuit of the missing elements for employee engagement within organizations led her down this path of merging Spirituality, Eastern Medicine and workplace wellness to create the potential for deep healing within our workplace cultures.

As a Medical Qigong Therapist, Samm’s clients come from a range of different backgrounds though she specializes in healing stress and burnout for professionals as well as coaching them back to their Connected Path. She is currently pursuing her doctoral certificate in Medical Qigong at the 3 Treasures School of Medical Qigong studying under Lisa VanOstrand.

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