Lesson in Humanity, Part Two

There are a ton of things we can do in an effort to stop all the chatter in our minds that tells us to be afraid or that we are not good enough. This article by no means covers them all, but it does give a sampling of some of the more impactful things you can do to help yourself overcome the harmful cycle of negative messages that often play in our minds.

Tip#1 – Stay away from Social media: or at least find ways to limit your exposure to it and/or be mindful and picky about who/what shows up in your feed – you can be someone’s friend in life and not follow them on FB if their feed is not healthy for you.

Tip #2 – Cultivate a daily gratitude practice: it might be something you say out loud or silently to yourself or it might be something you do in a journal…either way, give yourself even just a minute or two to look at all the good that is in your life and to give thanks for those things…remember, some people don’t even have what you have, so give thanks for what you do have.

Tip #3 – Meditation: there are so many different ways to do this, so don’t give up after only a few tries…it is amazing the calming effect on the mind…it doesn’t instantaneously stop the craziness in the mind, but it can help you slow it down and process/deal with it in a healthier manner.

Tip #4 – Take time to stop every day: this might be for your meditation or gratitude practice or it might be just to slow down and breathe…we tend to fly through our days without every stopping to allow things that are happening in our lives to process, resonate, or marinate in our lives…it doesn’t have to be a lengthy period of time (a minute or two can be a great start).

Tip #5 – Call a friend: someone you know and trust will give you the positive feedback and pep talk you need…that person who knows and sees all the amazing things about you…that person can help talk you down from the ledge of negative, fearful messaging that can take place in our minds

Please note that in addition to what I am sharing here, there are other valuable options like counseling and life coaching. Depending on the messaging you are working to stop, sometimes assistance from a professional is extremely helpful, and in some cases even essential, to making progress. (Especially if you are battling messaging that stems from programming you received from outside sources for many years.)

Remember, these are merely some tips or ideas to pick from in an effort to get you started – you don’t have to do all of them. Find what works for you and keep practicing them…this negative, fearful talk in our heads has been around a long time and it so won’t likely go away quickly or easily.  And don’t forget, you are not alone in this.

Guest Author: Bobbi Billman, Ignite Yoga

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