Less is More

I’ve spent most of my life believing that part of becoming an adult was magnifying the complexity in my life.

Success was directly correlated to how much I had to do or was needed. When I was first introduced to the true philosophies behind Yin and Yang, and the idea of achieving inner harmony – my mind was blown and then I found myself completely lost. It made sense but was so counteractive to how I lived, so where to begin – how do we go back? We’re chatting about this and so much more, on this episode of The HRart Rise Morning Show.

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You are watching The HRart Rise Morning Show, which previously had streamed live on Friday mornings at 11 AM EST. Catch host, Samm Smeltzer, on the replays as she chats from the HRart about living in alignment with her Connected Path. Samm is an HR Intuitive and Healer who works with professionals that have HRart. HRart professionals or as we like to say, HRart Workers are people-driven leaders (formal and informal) that recognize their development starts and ends within. Begin your Friday, centered on what moves you forward on your Connected Path, strengthening your HRart by rising its vibration.

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