Chocolate and Ice Cream

Here we are at the end of our little mini-blog series and I have to tell you that this week spending time with my family hearing them share about their 2019 Connected Canvas outcomes has meant more that I could ever express. And perhaps someday, I’ll be able to share that with you. But right now, I have one more canvas to share. 

This canvas was created later in the day during Vision Fest last year and its intention was to reveal my path for 2019 in regards to my work. The board has been proudly displayed next to my desk where I see it every day in my office. It provided affirmation throughout the year as I made decisions on where I would focus my energy. It was filled with hearts and words that were assuring and familiar and the images felt powerful but were unclear. Even now I sat down to take it all in, I could not articulate their meaning. Specifically, I am referencing two very random visuals – ice cream and chocolate. 

It took some intense google research on the meaning of ice cream and chocolate in regards to dreams to discover why these images graced my board. 

Ice Cream

“In general, seeing an ice cream in your dream is a good sign. It brings a feeling of satisfaction with your life, success, warm meetings, and prosperity. But on the other hand, it may imply that it’s time for you to cool off because there can be situations which may provoke you to mean actions. Control your temper.”

As I enter 2020, I am overwhelmed with fulfillment. My work has never been more meaningful, I start each day with more gusto than I thought was possible. 

At the same token, I also was challenged during 2019 to re-evaluate situations that triggered me to lose my temper and question why. Most of the time, the answer was extremely personal. The individuals involved in those situations represented or displayed characteristics that I was fearful existed within me. There were also times when those represented and displayed characteristics were ones that I desperately desired but did not want to admit. 


When I began my research on chocolate, I came across an article titled, “The Spiritual Benefits of Chocolate.” Reading this article brought so much clarity to why these yummy treats filled my board. 

  1. Chocolate creates a powerful essence that allows you to see the world in a different light.
  2. When you eat chocolate, you gain more clarity about your life, so your creative process opens. 
  3. You will be able to manipulate your vibrations, which will make communicating with the spirits a much easier concept than it is without chocolate. 
  4. When you practice meditation and yoga exercises, you will feel a deeper spiritual and emotional connection to the world around you. 
  5. Chocolate makes you enjoy life, at least in that moment, so as you indulge, you will find inspiration in the things that surround you. 
  6. Balance is essential in life. Your body has both male and female energies as well as positive and negative energies, which means that you need a certain amount of balance in your life to be able to live a harmonious life. When you have a bit of chocolate in your life, maintaining this essential balance becomes easier.
  7. Chocolate releases the same endorphins into your body as being in love does, so if you are feeling unloved, chocolate will become your best friend. 
  8. Chocolate allows you to have a deeper connection with a higher power. 

For me, chocolate is Qigong. When I made this board, I had not even begun my journey with Medical Qigong Training and as you have heard me say many times throughout the year, it has changed my life. 

Picture of Samm's Vision Board for 2019. Photo clipping collage.


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