The Quarantine Cleanse

The COVID-19 Quarantine created an incredible opportunity of pause for so many of us. Me, like many of you, were required to stay at home per a government mandate and readjust our lives, in an effort to find my “new normal.” I found a gift of time to pause and essentially cleanse my life of impurities. 

Impurities? What I am referring to is physical material things and commitments that I had accumulated that were not serving my highest good. In addition, they were taking up literal and metaphorical space, leaving barely any room for what I really wanted. After so many years of accumulation, without ever intentionally taking a pause to evaluate, left me with a life right before the stay at home mandate that was exhausting. Not only that is, it was only fulfilling because of the prospective someday visions that danced through my head. 

The Quarantine Cleanse that I am about to share with you, contains four pieces that I naturally gravitated towards during this time. These were clearly four pivotal pieces that needed to be addressed in order for me to move forward in a manner that served my purpose in life. 

One. Declutter.

The first pivotal piece was the physical act of decluttering. Clutter is a physical barrier that impacts our mental state and therefore living among it ultimately limits what we are capable of achieving. I try to stay on top of the clutter, but it is inevitable I accumulate junk. Super cute junk but absolutely not needed junk. Since I’ve been home, we’ve tackled the basement, bookshelves, closets and even the garage. Take a minute and notice the energy of your home, which is supposed to be your safe haven. I guarantee wherever clutter lives within your home you will feel it impact you energetically. If you have too much or overwhelming amounts of clutter, there is a solid chance that you are using the physical accumulation of stuff to be a physical barrier to disassociate or numb. 

Two. Listen Inside.

Quarantine provides an increased chance that you will begin sitting with yourself, pondering life in some fashion. If you take a moment and shut off all the electronics and just be, listen to what is swirling inside you. Hear the whispers of what deep down inside reveal. Are you happy? Are you tired? Are you numb? This increase in awareness is necessary and pivotal. It also lays the framework for the next two aspects. But before we move one, use this as a personal invitation to spend time, more time sitting with yourself. Don’t just sit to hear the whispers, sit until you can have a full conversation and know who you are.

Three. Evaluate Priorities.

This is the list we know but never want to articulate, because it often means accepting on some level that we are near the bottom of it or not on it at all. Take a realistic look at your priority list. Who is number 1, 2, 3, 9, and 25? Where are you on this list? Make sure you validate the list and it’s accuracy by comparing it to how you live your life every day. What do you routinely choose when given choice? What do you routinely choose over you? 

Then look at the length of the list, is this length reasonable? Sustainable? If it’s not, what’s at the end of the list? You will be amazed to see how certain things land and how they correspond fairly accurately with how things are currently playing out right now in your life. If your marriage is number 9 and it’s suffering, it’s because there are a legit 8 other things that are more important. If your business or work is number 25, then it should not be a surprise if you are struggling professionally. 

Four. Educate.

Being a continuous learner is a powerful growth tool, learning new things, even completely random things allow us to make uncanny connections that we need to continue moving forward. Check out a YouTube tutorial, sign up for an online class, or watch a documentary, learn something new. 

Keep in mind the intent of a cleanse to help rid yourself of toxic substances. Even if the stay at home mandate is over, choose to pause and conduct a quarantine cleanse. Rid yourself of clutter, mixed guidance, misaligned priorities, and overall stagnation. Take time to declutter, listen inside, evaluate your priorities and learn something new.


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