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Spiritual Intelligence and the Ego

With Amy Lynn Durham

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Samm has Spiritual Intelligence expert Amy Lynn Durham back on the HRart of It Podcast, and this time they are talking about the Ego’s role in our growth. Let’s unpack this ongoing balance between our Ego and our Higher Selves, a balance we strive for inside and outside of our workplaces. Though we are often taught that the Ego is “bad”, it’s actually an essential element in learning to show up as our whole selves no matter the environment.

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About the Guest

Amy Lynn Durham

Amy Lynn Durham is the Founder, of “Create Magic At Work” and an Executive Coach. She is certified to coach in the 21 skills associated with Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) using the SQ21 Assessment and an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner (EQ).

Amy has spent years in the corporate world successfully managing hundreds of employees for private and publicly traded companies. Her company, Create Magic At Work’s intention is to offer Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) tools to energize and transform the workplace.

As an expert in building positive company cultures, Amy designed Create Magic At Work to bring a variety of services and strategies to aid in cultivating teamwork and harmony in order to improve profits and employee morale.

In her spare time, you can also find her spending time with her Cavapoo puppy, Mr. Bingley

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