Find Something to Care for Your Energetic Body podcast episode

Find Something to Care for Your Energetic Body

With Steph Holmes

On This Episode

The HRart Center’s Director of Strategy and Business Operations joins Samm and Dave to share her journey in which rethinking her career path created the opportunity for deep healing with Medical Qigong Therapy. Steph Holmes first experienced Qigong with Samm as her practitioner when she was struggling with workplace burnout at a previous job. Steph’s curiosity with this expanding definition of wellness led her to rethink her priorities, focus on caring for her energy and make the leap to a completely new career.

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About the Guest

Steph Holmes

Steph Holmes (she/her/hers) works as the Director of Strategy and Business Operations at the HRart Center. She combines her love of building systems, her eye for detail, and her creative viewpoint to shape what she does at the Center. Because she allows her work as an artist to influence how she approaches work projects, she’s able to take the team’s innovative ideas and ground them in practical solutions.

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About the Hosts

David Chiaverini

David is a Business Insurance Executive for McConkey Insurance & Benefits. He is a strong advocate for his clients, leveraging insurance company relationships made during his 30+ year career. He holds both the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) and Accredited Adviser in Insurance (AAI) designations.

Originally from Wilmington, DE, David now lives in York with his wife Anna Maria. He stays active in the community, volunteering his time for a variety of organizations and causes. When he’s not working David spends time as an audiobook narrator.

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Samm Smeltzer

Samm is an HR Visionary and Medical Qigong Healer. In November 2021, she earned her Masters certification in Medical Qigong with Ted O’Brien at the East Coast Institute of Medical Qigong. As an HR Visionary, her decade-long pursuit of the missing elements for employee engagement within organizations led her down this path of merging Spirituality, Eastern Medicine and workplace wellness to create the potential for deep healing within our workplace cultures.

As a Medical Qigong Therapist, Samm’s clients come from a range of different backgrounds though she specializes in healing stress and burnout for professionals as well as coaching them back to their Connected Path. She is currently pursuing her doctoral certificate in Medical Qigong at the 3 Treasures School of Medical Qigong studying under Lisa VanOstrand.

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