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The Top 5 Episodes of 2020

Season 1: Episode 55

908 Downloads. Listeners in 11 Countries. Over 1,363 Minutes of Conversation in 55 Different Episodes. 2020 may of had its challenges but for The HRart of It Podcast we had a great year. Our conversations covered everything from hiring to qigong to diversity and even a special summer book club series. In this episode, we countdown and revisit the top 5 most listened to episodes of 2020. Thank you for listening!

Top 5 Episodes

  1. Ally Work for Parents with Ruby Martin
  2. Hiring for Cultural Fit
  3. Training Our Organizations to Use PTO with Adam P. Gordon and Ulises I. Orozco
  4. Sustaining Relationship During Quarantine with Justin Leader
  5. First-Aid Kit for Emotions with Ryan Stanley and I’m Not An Expert with Douglas Hober

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