The Power of Play in Changing the World with Ruby Martin

Season 2: Episode 6

Would you love for your employees to absorb more than 10% of what you are attempting to pass on? Well, it’s possible if you simply provide them the permission to play. We aren’t talking about the super childish cutesy play that you may be envisioning, but we are talking about fun. Ruby Martin returns to the podcast to talk about how to engage our teams through play by embracing creativity. Ruby challenges us to simply start playing with our teams and then sit back to watch how it will catch on like wildfire. While in the wake of its flames, we witness a level of team engagement and connection that we’ve never seen before.

About Ruby:

With over 30 years of experience in early learning, 25 of which have been in program leadership, Ruby Martin, M.Ed. has been overseeing the children and youth programs of YWCA York for over 13 years working with diverse populations. She has been training in PA since 1998 and currently holds her PQAS Certification for the 20th year. Ruby has attended multiple experiences to enhance her own learning about culture and inclusion, and is certified to instruct 4 evidence based parent education programs. Ruby also teaches several courses at HACC including early education courses and Culture and Families. Ruby is versed in the implementation of Anti-Bias Education, culturally responses practices and Equity as a pedagogy since 1993 and has been infusing mindfulness and trauma informed practices into her work for 5 years. Currently the Chair of PACCA’s Board of Directors, a member of Child Care Consultants Board, and serving on YCSD Transition Advisory team, Ruby is passionate about developing diverse communities in every level of leadership.

Ruby has 2 grown children, Jesse and Danie, and a Chorkie named Arwen. In her free time she loves to cook, entertain, paint and can always be found in her backyard flower oasis in downtown York, where she has lived for 5 years.

Ruby also facilitates training on topics such as behavior prevention, effective parenting, anti-bias education approach, culturally responsive education, and mindfulness and trauma informed care for educators.

  • Phone: 717.845.2631 x4119

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