The Math Behind Valuing People with Traci Dues

The Math Behind Valuing People with Traci Duez

Season 2: Episode 37

We often talk about people being the greatest asset in business and life (this is why the podcast exists) but today we have a podcast guest who can prove it. Traci Duez uses Axiology to mathematically prove that people hold the highest value above all else. Axiology, the study of the nature of value and valuation, can measure how people think and see value, and Traci can use this data to help shift how people and teams think. 

You won’t want to miss this episode of the HRart of It podcast as Traci and Samm discuss the math behind valuing people!

About Traci Duez:

Traci Duez has an international reputation for performance improvement, impactful change, and leadership development. She is a renowned Axiologist and focuses on the generation of value through this mathematical science.

For the past fourteen years, she has shared her inspiring and compelling messages with over 40,000 professionals around the globe. Executives and managers from 95 of the Fortune 100 companies have completed her development programs and workshops. She teaches a novel development framework based in neuro-axiology that focuses on measuring cognitive assets and emotional intelligence. Her three-dimensional approach to growth and transformation is unique and powerful.

In every presentation and course, she uses humor and real-life stories to show her audience how to use their cognitive gifts and talents to enhance their productivity and satisfy their purpose. Her mission is to help individuals and organizations get unstuck, master their minds and mental wellbeing, and finish each day’s work feeling fulfilled.

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