It Makes My Heart Happy with Zoey Smeltzer

It Makes My Heart Happy with Zoey Smeltzer

Season 1: Episode 52

I believe we should all aspire to pursue joy like a 6-year old, treasuring the smallest of moments that fill the year. Whether it is spending time with loved ones during the holidays or savoring every bite of your favorite sweet treat, Zoey shares that happiness is found in the simplest of moments. Enjoy this light hearted conversation as Zoey reflects on candy trees, marshmallow treats and pie.

About Zoey:

My name is Zoey Smeltzer.

Three things I like to do:

  1. I like playing.
  2. I like swinging.
  3. I like walking the dogs.

A little thing that makes me happy is… handwriting.

Something you might not know about me is… playing Barbies with my Sissy.

Here is my Vision Board:

Madelyn’s 2020 Happy Board

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