HR and Intellectual Property with Devin Miller

Season 2: Episode 8

Where is the line between being inspired and stealing? Just when we thought the world of HR couldn’t get any grayer, Devin comes into our lives. In this episode, attorney Devin Miller shares what we should watch out for when it comes to intellectual property and our organizations. Take a moment and listen in on this conversation that opened my eyes to a whole other world of law.

About Devin:

I love startups. I run my own patent and trademark law firm to help startups and small businesses. I also founded my first startup while earning my Law & MBA degrees. Since then, I have founded several 7/8 figure startups and enjoyed every minute of it.

I offer a free strategy meeting to discuss patents/trademarks/business related questions. Your listeners can sign up for the strategy meeting at strategymeeting.com.

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