Grief in the Workplace with Kevin Ringstaff

Grief in the Workplace with Kevin Ringstaff

Season 1: Episode 47

It’s a fact, we don’t talk about grief in the workplace. We may handle bereavement leaves and express condolences when a co-worker experiences a loss, but we don’t really talk it. This poses the question, are we doing a disservice to our organizations by not talking about it? Samm’s guest in this episode would argue yes. Kevin Ringstaff shares how we should be talking about grief in the workplace. Kevin also unpacks the grief that is inevitable as a result of the current pandemic and mandated quarantines. Take a listen to learn how we as HR should manage grief?

About Kevin:

Grief Recovery Specialist

Founder of Grieving@Work and

Kevin spends most of his time talking about and educating people on grief. When he’s not speaking or creating grief products, he spends his time with his Old English Sheepdog, Sir William Broderick, and his cat, Ponce de León.

About Grieving at Work:

Our ‘Managing Pandemic Grief’ course is free for any business suffering because of this pandemic. 


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