Fear in HR with Jacqueline Wales

Season 2: Episode 3

How much fear have you experienced in your life? Enough to make you an expert? Well, that was exactly the case of Jacqueline Wales, who is the author of The Fearless Factor and The Fearless Factor at Work. In this conversation, Jaqueline and Samm explore the fear we experience as HR practitioners, that is often the cause of our disengagement. Listen to learn what is at the root of the fear we experience in the workplace and what could happen if we choose to remain afraid.

NOTE: This episode includes language not appropriate for little ears, so headphones recommended. 🙂

About Jacqueline:

Jacqueline Wales has explored human behavior and asked tough questions to discover hard truths for more than thirty-five years. She relentlessly challenges herself and her clients to change things that aren’t working.

Her focus—with individuals and groups, in person or virtually—is to develop fearless leaders. Leaders who will dig into self-discovery, take accountability for their actions and responsibility for their decisions. Leaders ready to be challenged and do the work for the sake of their careers and their lives. > She believes in the power of being fearless—to create the career and life you want.

Her work helps clients stay curious, push boundaries, and break through excuses to achieve results. They describe her as outgoing, candid, empathetic and down to earth—an insightful guide who genuinely cares about wanting to help. She also been called an “all-around badass;” someone who inspires clients to jump in and take more risks.

She is the author of When The Crow Sings, The Fearless Factor and The Fearless Factor @ Work.

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