Corporate Culture and Wellness with Ari Gronich

Corporate Culture and Wellness with Ari Gronich

Season 2: Episode 40

Let’s reimagine what wellness at work could look like with this week’s podcast guest Ari Gronich. Ari starts the conversation off with the fact that our current definition of wellness just scratches the surface of what our workplaces so desperately need right now. In fact, effective and caring wellness programs can be the key to fixing a company’s biggest problems. The rewards for taking care of our people fully — not just during their time spent in the workplace but also their overall health and their home life, can have a massive effect on the culture and bottom line of a business.

Learn more about the power of effective corporate culture and wellness in this episode of the HRart of It podcast!

Warning: This episode contains adult language.

About Ari Gronich:

Ari Gronich, the Performance Therapist, has a vast background in the holistic and medical healing arts. His training has spanned over 5000 hours and over 25-years putting his hands on more than 25000 people. At 18 Ari began wellness programs with 3 major corporations ushering in a new paradigm for employer-based health care. Over Ari’s career, he has helped Olympic and Paralympic athletes break world records, win gold medals, and earn legacy championships. Ari is dedicated to taking his experience and using that to educate the next generation of Doctors, Therapists, Trainers, healers. His mission as a visionary thought leader is helping to create a society designed from the ground up to be in harmony with nature thereby eliminating the causes of dis-ease and shifting the systems of medicine from an emergency mindset to a proactive mindset.

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