A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle Book Club episode

Book Club Week Ten: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Season 2: Episode 24

In this episode, the Book Club discusses how understanding the pain body and knowing that the ego and the pain body are ultimately just out for our destruction, can make us more compassionate toward others in difficult situations. Other topics include how our consumption of media and entertainment changes drastically once we begin the Awakening process. Lastly, in true Book Club fashion and in the spirit of bringing people together from different backgrounds for interesting conversations, we wrap it all up with the most fitting sports analogies courtesy of Ben.

Join us on this episode of the HRart of It Podcast as we unpack the next 70 pages of A New Earth.

The 2021 Book Club Members

About Benjamin

Benjamin Hartzell is 23-years-old and an HR Associate at FedEx Supply Chain. He loves sports, antiques and Human Resources.

About Ryan

Ryan McShane has been serving the Human Resources Profession for over 20 years and currently operates a consulting firm specializing in Human Resources, Leadership Development and Career Transitions Consulting called HR Evolution LLC.

Prior to that Ryan worked in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, learning the various cultural norms, principles and practices of each sector and applying that learning to create High Performance Leaders and Organizations today throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania. Ryan is also a past president for the largest Local SHRM Chapter in the state of Maryland, Chesapeake Human Resource Association, (CHRA).

Ryan is passionate about creating and leveraging proactive learning and project management tools as well as, knowledge management systems to enable both individuals and organizations to achieve their highest potential through greater awareness and a conscious approach to workforce management, honoring all stakeholders, wherein equal consideration is given to People, Planet and Profit. 

About Liza

Liza Naylor grew up in an international home learning to cook dishes from around the world at a very early age. This formed her foundation and passion for global cuisines featuring ingredients unique to different cultures, a variety of spices, seasonings, flavors and textures. She was also introduced to the theory and practice of food for wellness and mission driven entrepreneurship. In 2017, Liza opened Locally Seasoned as a personal chef service. Today, Locally Seasoned offers gourmet pantry items for your inspired life! Liza continues to celebrate resilience and cultivate life-long learning through Locally Seasoned’s gourmet pantry items inspired by the stories, people and cultures behind them. 

Check out www.LocallySeasoned.net … and follow Locally Seasoned’s journey on social media because LIFE IS WORTH TASTING. LOCALLY SEASONED…FOOD FOR YOUR JOURNEY!

About Karen

Karen is a a York County, PA resident and serves as the Director, Outcomes & Assessment for Community Progress Council in York, PA. Karen has worked in non-profit program improvement, program evaluation and strategic planning for over 12 years and is passionate about data informed decision making and organizational development. Karen’s work has focused on centering social determinants of health in social service programming and using process improvement/planning frameworks to increase both employee/client engagement as well as community impact. When she isn’t working her non-profit day job, Karen serves on the Planning Committee for Leadership York’s Leadership Training Program, and stays busy raising chickens, training for a running event, or exploring the outdoors with her husband, young kids and pup.


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