Being an Empath at Work with Kara Lovehart

Being an Empath at Work with Kara Lovehart

Season 2: Episode 38

Are you an empath or do you work with one? If so this episode of the HRart of It podcast is full of great information that may help you or that other person avoid that dreaded empath hangover. Samm interviews Kara Lovehart, a holistic intuitive medium and healer. Kara and Samm, both empaths themselves, discuss how to determine if you do indeed have these sensitivities and how to identify and support others who may be empathic. This may be especially important in the workplace, which can easily be one of the most draining and unavoidable social spaces we exist within.

Tune in to this episode of the HRart of It Podcast all about being an empath in the workplace!

About Kara Lovehart:

Kara Lovehart is a Holistic Intuitive Medium & healer. Her perspective “sees” the truth in who we are beyond the physical body: We are Energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can become chaotic & out of “balance,” creating challenges in our lives mentally, emotionally, & physically. Kara integrates medical intuition, massage therapy, energy medicine, holistic coaching, and her Mind Body Detox (TM) program to offer what she believes to be the most important skill we could ever learn: Personal Energy Management!

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