Are You Invested In Your Culture with Bretton Putter

Are You Invested In Your Culture with Bretton Putter

Season 2: Episode 5

Are you able to talk about your organizational culture at a depth for hours? If not, Brett would argue that potentially your culture needs more clarity. It’s time to dig deep into the onion layers of culture. Culture development has somehow become associated with a surface level checklist of vision, mission and values – but having the text does not instantaneously translate it into our culture. In this conversation, Brett and Samm explore how we should evolve our strategic planning process regarding culture considering how our fundamental workplace norms are being questioned.

About Brett:

Bretton (Brett) Putter is an expert in company culture development who is consulted by companies and leaders worldwide to help design, develop, and build high-performing cultures.

He is the CEO of CultureGene, a culture leadership software and services platform. Prior to founding CultureGene Brett spent 16 years as the Managing Partner of a leading executive search firm based in London working with startups and high-growth companies in the UK, Europe, and the USA.

In 2018 Brett published his first book, “Culture Decks Decoded”. Brett has also just released his second book “Own Your Culture”, a blueprint for building a strong, functional post-pandemic company culture.

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