Permission to Rest

Dear HRart Worker,

This week I had a client come into the center for their monthly healing qigong therapy session, together we had been working to increase their energy levels. Before beginning sessions with me, they had shared that work left them so depleted that naps were a non-negotiable every day. As I checked in with them this week, they noted experiencing an improvement in their energy. My natural follow-up question was, “so no more naps?”

They smiled as they replied, “Well, I still nap, but I’m happy with where my energy has been.”

I realized instantly that my phrasing of the question had been all wrong, the goal had never been to eliminate the practice of naps. In fact, the goal should never be to eliminate naps as a practice. Sleep is the most beneficial restorative process for the body. It is for this reason that I always aim to not disturb clients when they fall asleep during a session. The rest is imperative to the healing work we are doing.

Allowing myself to rest has been one of the greatest mindset shifts of my life. For years I viewed sleep as unproductive and always viewed those precious hours as an opportunity if I ever needed the gift of time. However, what happens internally when we sleep overnight is something we can never replace with an alternative wellness practice. Our body simply needs sleep.

Sometimes your body will call you to rest. Embrace and honor your body when it beckons you to lay down. Give yourself permission to drift away to a place of restoration like no other.

This week we will revisit a HRart Rise Morning Show (below) where I was still struggling with providing myself the permission to rest.

You can also find the video lesson here:

So I ask you this week to look at your relationship with rest. Is it healthy? Do you give yourself permission to rest when you need to? Or do you need to shift something around? I’ll talk to you next week! 


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Cover Photo by Kristina Petrick

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