HRart Chat #84: Shake Them Trees

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You are needed as a soul stirrer.

Your connected path is sending powerful ripples throughout lives. You need to show up when you feel called, recognizing that it is essential work regardless of immediate outcome. In this episode, we’re chatting about 4 ways you are shaking trees as an HR practitioner. See you on the LIVE side!

Our LIVE Class Session:

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You are watching The HRart Rise Morning Show, which streams live every Friday morning at 8 AM EST. Close out your week with host, Samm Smeltzer, as she chats from the HRart about living in alignment with her Connected Path. Samm is an HR Intuitive and Healer who works with professionals that have HRart. HRart professionals or as we like to say, HRart Workers are people-driven leaders (formal and informal) that recognize their development starts and ends within. Begin your Friday, centered on what moves you forward on your Connected Path, strengthening your HRart by rising its vibration.

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