Don’t Underestimate the Dictionary

 I kind of have an obsession with the dictionary as a resource especially when I am designing and developing new content.

Here are my favorite reasons, why I love to utilize the dictionary as a resource.

1. Clarity

The number one reason I love the dictionary is also the number one use for the dictionary. Defining words. When you want to make sure you and your participants, employees, clients are on the same page – review the definition. Providing the definition ensures that everyone is using the word in the same context. Sometimes this could be HUGE!

2. Inspiration

For this, you might have to ask the dictionary’s cousin for assistance, Miss Thesaurus. If there was a word you were initially thinking of, look it up. Check out the definition and the synonyms, most of the time for me, I have found it is fully loaded with inspiration. I’ll admit, it is probably my number one go-to for when I have writer’s block.

3. Deeper Dives

Trying to go deeper with your words, dive into the definition. It is always amazing to me when I am thinking about a word I want to use and I look it up to read the actual definition or variety of definitions. It typically allows me to explore the topic in a whole other capacity.

Happy Defining!


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