The Power of Visioning

Dear HRart Worker,

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

Carl Jung

If you’re a busy professional like me, you know how easy it is to get swept up in the to-do lists, meetings and family events to the point that you aren’t even aware of the big picture anymore.

The process of developing that big picture is called visioning.

Visioning is all about creating a mental picture of your future. Having a vision is so crucial because it’s the thing inside of us that guides us and creates a desire in us to heal and grow as people. This vision gives us exciting glimpses of what’s possible.

To really arrive at that powerful, driving vision you’re looking for, you’ve got to tap into your inner voice. It’s not about manually deciding what your vision looks like (i.e. I want to buy that new car this year) but instead it’s about listening to your inner self to discover what your real vision is.

So how do we tap into our inner self to discover our vision?

My work has always incorporated creative processes here and there because I believe in the power of creativity to help us tap into that inner voice. You can do this using a thousand different creative routes, but here at the HRart Center, we’ve been running our annual Vision Fest event for years to do just that.

At Vision Fest, we use a very unique process to create intuition-led vision boards.

In most vision board processes, you are tasked with creating a visual representation of your deepest desires for the year (i.e. cutting out and gluing down that cherry red sports car).

Our process is completely different and begins with a guided meditation that allows you to get connected to that inner voice first. Then when you are feeling relaxed and open, we begin the process of intuitively collecting images from magazines and books.

Intuitively selecting images means you aren’t selecting images while asking yourself, “What do I want?” or “What would look good on my board?”. We teach you a process where you ask yourself a different set of questions. “What draws my eye naturally? What jumps out at me? What images give me an immediate emotion? What am I instantly drawn to?”

This process is how your inner voice is going to communicate with you. You may have an incredibly diverse stack of cut images after the selection process, perhaps images that you never would have picked out initially, but just wait.

The magic of this event is revealed when you arrange the images, glue them in place and we look at your finished vision board. We teach you to begin reading the symbols and researching the meanings behind components of this new vision. What may have felt like a random process at times will be revealed as a potent and magical tool that creates a series of guideposts for your coming year.

So what will your vision reveal? Will you have that cherry red sports car in a few months? Or will you be focused on creating a sense of balance at home in this coming season? Are there changes on the horizon that your board might whisper about? New priorities? New experiences? This vision board will not only give you a vision now but this vision will evolve over time as you continue to look at it and make new connections. We always suggest that you hang your vision board up in your office or somewhere that you will see it everyday.

You can certainly use this process in any number of ways on your own, adapting the steps to fit your preferred creative medium, or you can join us on Friday, March 24 for our Vision Fest event. We have in-person and virtual timeframes as well as custom team building options as well.

Regardless of whether you join us or do this process on your own, my wish for you is that you develop a powerful vision that will act as your polaris star. This is the kind of vision that weaves itself through everything you do and becomes your guiding light for this next season of life.


Samm (she/her/hers) 

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