What Your Clutter Reveals About Your Intentionality

Dear HRart Worker,

Intentionality in leadership is when you can lead from a place of alignment with your personal beliefs and values. It is when your authentic nature as a leader becomes one with your actual leadership style and it guides your daily decisions, direction and attitude. This is that game-changing element you’ve been searching for.

Let’s take a moment and answer two questions that might hint at if intentionality is lacking from your leadership.

Are You Surrounded By Clutter?

When we get busy, organization typically falls to the wayside. This slippery slope of accumulation around us is a sign that perhaps we are overwhelmed. This clutter can be physical piles within your workspace as well as digital files that fill your desktop or drive. If you somehow are able to maintain your organization systems at work, but they are starting to fail at home, that still counts for this scenario. Clutter that surrounds you in any fashion signals that you are currently trying to manage more than you should.

Everything Feels Like A Priority

If you are able to identify what must be done and what can wait or possibly even be eliminated completely, then you likely have begun to lead with a level of intentionality. However, if every task on your list seems to be of equal importance leaving you almost paralyzed when attempting to determine where to start, I think it’s safe to say that your state of overwhelm is beyond rational and reasonable.

Intentionality provides direction as well as the ability to establish boundaries. It means being able to put workloads within reasonable expectations while still actively moving towards a goal.

So… What’s Next?

This lesson is just a small slice of a FREE mini-workbook I’m giving away called Are You An Intentional Leader? Three Things to Identify If You’re Leading Intentionally. It contains two more areas to look into as well as the first step to improving the intentionality in your leadership. Head here to claim your download and let me know if you have any ah-hah moments!

Talk to you again soon!


Samm (she/her/hers) 

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